With precise attention to detail, perfect execution, and exceptional service, every fine dining restaurant in Kigali aims for a top-notch experience. Here is our Top 3…


Meza: “table” in Bantu language

MEZA Malonga invites you to share an Afro-fusion cuisine experience in Kigali, Rwanda. Windows open to a mesmerizing view over the lush hills of Kigali, a vivid green by day and aglow with the twinkling lights of houses by night. Meza Malonga isn’t a restaurant; it’s a home where people come to experience food; we’re storytellers of the history of the people and lands behind each ingredient. With Maasai, Bantu, Zulu influences and beyond, Dieuveil Malonga’s cuisine reveals the splendor, uniqueness and complementarity of African nations.

Meza Malonga indigenous ingredients from across the African continent (Credit: Alicia Erickson)

“With culture and travel at the core of our inspiration, our curated gastronomic experiences are an invitation to a journey without borders throughout Africa Dieuveil Malonga. For two years, from 2015 to 2017, he travelled to 48 African countries to learn about the continent’s complex and diverse web of food cultures found in the fields, the villages and the way food is celebrated.

0785 146 072| [email protected]| KG8 18, Avenue Kigali Rwanda


The beauty of the art adorning Choose Kigali’s walls is perfectly complementing by the exquisite beauty of the meals served in its restaurant. Head Chef Billy McCormick has over 28 years creating fine dining experiences across the US.  Now he’s bringing all his wisdom, passion, and experience to Kigali.

Every dinner at Choose Kigali starts with welcome drinks and a private tour of the gallery, followed by a seven-course menu of vibrant, exciting dishes, and finishes with an after-dinner digestif around the garden bonfire.

Seating is limited to keep things intimate and relaxed, and you must book in advance. For groups of up to six guests, there’s even a private dining area if you’re looking for a bit more seclusion.

+25076592210| +250787399399 | [email protected] | KN 43, Kiyovu | Kigali, Rwanda.


Derived from the Kinyarwanda term “Kunyurwa” meaning ‘to delight’; Nyurah is a unique afro gastronomic experience, serving innovative cuisine from across the continent of Africa.

Chefs, Fidel Nshimiyimana and Odette Nyiranubaha, and their team design a continuously evolving menu of African haute cuisine, combining the finest seasonal ingredients from Rwanda with innovative recipes from across the continent.  The Made in Rwanda décor in Nyurah accentuates the restaurant’s Afro-centered theme and love for African inspired artifacts.

+250 787 296 968| [email protected] |KN65. st Alliance Towers (BPR Building)

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